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/* hide external link marker for in-wikipedia (see also js) */
#bodyContent a.extonwiki:after, body:not(.ns-0) #bodyContent a.autonumber:after
{ background: none !important; padding-right: 0 !important }

table.persondata {display: table;}

#globalWrapper { font-size: 133% }

#bodyContent, #article {
    font-family: serif;

pre[class|=source] .br0 { color: darkgreen; font-weight: bold; }

table.diff {
background: transparent;
border-collapse: collapse;
empty-cells: show;

.diffchange, .diffchange-inline { background-color: #fcc; color: black; border: none }

table.diff td.diff-deletedline,
table.diff td.diff-addedline,
table.diff td.diff-context {
border: 1px solid gray; 
padding: 2px
#p-cactions #ca-edit-0 a {
#p-cactions #ca-edit-0 {
margin-left: 0.2em;

#sitenotice-fundraiser { display: none }
.page-Template_Watchlist-notice #watchlist-message { display: block !important }

#mw-hidden-catlinks { display: block !important }

/* Settings to look ok in Cambria */
.template-frac sup, .template-frac sub { font-size: 70% }
.template-frac big { font-size:95%; margin: 0 -.2em 0 -.3em; position: relative; bottom:.1em}

#p-cactions li a, #p-cactions li.selected a { padding-left: 0.4em !important; padding-right: 0.4em !important }

#ca-delete,#ca-undelete,#ca-protect,#t-blockip { display: none !important }